The dietitians are fascinated!

İbrahim Güzel, General Manager of Flour Factory called Konya Yildizi, came together with dieticians working in different institutions and organizations in Konya in the program held at Dedeman Hotel.

Some of the dietitians who showed great interest to the program joined with their families.

Güzel, who went up to the rostrum after the opening ceremony, introduced their products that are the first in the world, accompanied by visuals.

Güzel, who gave priority to Diabetic Flour and Light Flour, said that with the support of universities that are experts in this field, they prepared the project by carrying on a study in the R&D center for a long time.

Explaining that as a result of the studies, they produce flour that does not raise blood sugar level suddenly and does not lower it suddenly and whose glycemic index is reduced by 40 percent, Güzel said, “TUBITAK supported our study. The flour of white bread raises the blood sugar level 65 percent more than the flour we produced. While the glycemic index of white bread is 100, the glycemic index of whole wheat bread and bran bread is 98, the glycemic index of the flour we produce is 61. Fiber rates are also higher than other breads. In normal white flours, the fiber rate does not exceed 2 percent. Although the flour we produce is white, it contains 30 percent fiber. Although the fiber rates in whole wheat flours are 10-12 percent, analyzes conducted by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock on breads in the market showed that the highest fiber rate is 6 percent.’’

Stating that their products have attracted great interest since the first day they were introduced into the market, and they can be purchased on the internet as well as in the markets, Güzel said, “Our aim is to serve humanity and to raise a healthy generation. And first and foremost is to receive people’s blessing.. As a team, all of us, work in line with this objective and expect your support.’’

Dieticians, who received answers to their questions after the presentation, were offered etliekmek (a kind of pastry), su böreği (a kind of pastry), baklava (a kind of dessert), cookies and breads prepared from SLIMINI branded flours.



None of the participants hid their admiration at the end of the program.

Dieticians said that ‘’If we think about the foresight that diabetes will increase in the coming years, these products, which are the first in the world, are really important for humanity. SLIMINI is invaluable to prevent chronic diseases. We also had the opportunity to taste it. We will be able to recommend it to our clients easily.”